Commercial kitchen design

At KCM Foodservice Projects we offer a full design service for all commercial catering projects. Our design team have a broad range of skills and experience, working closely with your company we can ensure that every element of your design is coordinated around your requirements and needs us to deliver a complete design package for both front and back of house. We work closely with your company to ensure that every element of your design is coordinated around your requirements and needs.Our projects are designed using CAD software, and we can provide you with layouts in up to A0 size for your project. Layouts include all items of catering equipment complete with a full set of points and services.

Our experience ensures that the design will be fully compliant with the latest regulations along with offering the best solution for the efficiency within the limitations of the space.

Commercial kitchen refurbishment

It’s not always necessary to completely replace everything within your kitchen, you may be looking to make changes to just one area to improve your operation, or to improve the flow around the kitchen. We can assist with as much, or as little as you are looking to achieve, combining our building fit out services alongside the relocation, or replacement of your equipment, you can bring your kitchen up to the latest standards. KCM Foodservice Projects have a knowledgeable team of experts who possess a wealth of experience in all forms of foodservice refurbishments. These vary from quick and simple refurbishments, to more complex reconstructions, all of which will aim to exceed your company’s expectations. Every project that KCM undertakes are managed in a professional and experienced manner, while also focusing on making sure that safety is at the forefront of all of our projects.

We ensure that we work attentively with each customer in order to make sure that we meet the demands of everyone involved. Whatever you need, KCM can provide it.

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Catering equipment installation

At KCM Foodservice Projects, we aim to guide you through every aspect from design to installation. A dedicated team will ensure that the whole process runs smoothly from start to finish. We are able to work around your schedule in order to provide a professional solution for your commercial kitchen equipment installation. We work tirelessly to ensure we meet your deadlines to the utmost standards. Our company is dedicated to making sure that we keep the disruption caused to your business to a minimum, we expertly coordinate the commercial kitchen equipment installation with excellent project management skills from our committed team.

Whatever your needs, you can be sure that your project is in the best hands with us.

Equipment Supplies

KCM partner with most foodservice equipment manufacturers and importers and are able to offer you a wide portfolio of equipment to suit your individual requirements. After discussing your needs, we can recommend the best equipment to ensure that you can offer your customers the very best in quality, presentation and speed. We can offer many types of foodservice equipment covering both back and front of house, and to suit all different types of catering and bar premises whether it be a full service restaurant, café, fast food or street food offer. We offer catering equipment at different price points and duty and are sure to be able to find what you are looking for at the right budget. In addition to our full design and build services we can also supply individual items across the full spectrum of catering equipment.


Using our vast experience, we provide a catering equipment and installation consultancy solution to assist with every aspect of your project from initial concept through to completion.


Struggling with ideas? Our experienced team can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring your project to life.


We have years of planning of service to ensure that your project achieves the optimum results.


We offer a full design service for all commercial catering projects. Our expert design team provide your project with a wide set of skills to ensure that it is designed around your requirements.


Our team possess excellent project management skills to ensure that your project is on schedule to give you peace of mind throughout your time with us.


We guide you through every aspect of installation, a dedicated team closely work with your company to ensure the process runs smoothly.


From start to finish, our team supports and guides you throughout the whole process.


We can assist with maintenance and service to ensure your catering equipment and installation is kept in optimal condition to prevent any costly repairs.