Clearing the backlog

The Stamford Endowed Schools trace their history back to the 16th Century. Today they comprise three schools: Stamford Junior School, Stamford High School and Stamford School. Stamford School, founded by William Radcliffe in 1532, still stands on its original site close to the centre of Stamford. Stamford High School, founded in 1877 as part of the legacy left the schools in the Bowne’s Hospital Trust, still occupies its original site. Stamford High School provides education for around 600 girls aged 11 to 18, with its sixth form teaching carried out jointly with Stamford School. The catering service provided by the school aims to offer a choice of healthy meals with much of the menu being provided on a self service basis, encouraging pupils to eat what they want.

The school services a large number of pupils in a short timeframe, this generates a very high volume of crockery and cutlery that needs to be sorted, washed and stacked quickly in order to avoid a backlog when pupils have finished eating. The schools previous dishwasher was inadequate for the task and was suffering frequent, and costly breakdowns.

Efficient equipment, efficient design

KCM Catering Equipment were invited by Stamford High School to assess their requirements and design a system that would cope with the high volume of washing required in a short timeframe. After an initial visit KCM worked with its warewashing partner, Meiko UK to come up with a couple of designs to present back to the school.

As part of the process the school was taken to another site installed by Meiko at Christ College, Cambridge to offer a first hand view of a similar system and provide the opportunity for a discussion with an existing user and gain a better understanding of the proposed equipment. The design had to take into account the limited space for the new system, the difficulty in getting a high volume air extract system to the location and the clients budget for the works. With further discussion and finalising of the layout and costs, KCM were appointed to install a Meiko rack conveyor system complete with all handling systems and tabling. Working in conjunction with the clients principle contractor to prepare the space for the new set up, the system was installed and fully operational in five days, with full training arranged by Meiko it was ready for the new school term.

Within the dining area a tray drop off area in full stainless steel was installed along with integral dry waste recycling chutes. A conveyor then transports the trays through to a sorting table with flushing trough table with a high capacity IMC waste disposal unit. At the end of the conveyor is a tray stacker complete with trolleys.

The rack conveyor dishwasher was supplied complete with heat recovery, mechanised drying section along with an inlet sink and pre rinse spray. Parts of the sorting tabling were supplied as mobile to assist with the restricted footprint and yet allow the most efficient operation during the busiest periods.

Alistair White, Director at KCM Catering Equipment commented. “The new Meiko rack conveyor dishwasher at Stamford High School represented a lot of thought and client liaison to finalise the equipment and layout. The listed building presented a number of challenges that restricted the normal layout for a system such as this. Meiko worked very hard to find a solution for each of the issues and come up with a design that offered everything that the client required. The result, whilst unusual in some respects, provides the school with a very high volume warewashing solution that will cope with their demands for many years in the future”