At KCM, alongside a fully bespoke bar, we can provide your business with specialised modular stainless steel underbar systems such as IMC Bartender along with refrigeration, ice makers, glass washers and accessories to complete your set up.

Faster service, happier customers and greater customer loyalty.


Bartender provides a faster and friendlier service for bar staff and customers alike. Bartender’s outstanding versatility helps to maximise productivity and accelerate sales.

The layout is designed for a quick, easy service to crowds of thirsty customers, maximising your profits. Everything on the bartender is close to hand for mixing, blending and serving.

Bartender also comes with a variety of accessories and modules to meet all of your needs.

Maximise productivity, boost sales and increase profits.


The F2 stainless steel underbar system offers a unique blend of quality, flexibility and functionality at an amazingly competitive price. F2 has been developed for use in all types of venues. It has been designed with you in mind in order to help you to create more effective workstations. F2 is a modular system so bar design, installation and refurbishment is easy.

We offer a wide variety of bar furniture, tools and accessories to suit any style of bar, these range from cocktail shakers, glassware, glass frosters and everything in between. We can provide your bar with almost anything you need, please contact us with your requirements.

At KCM we recognise that its not just the aesthetics of the bar that are important, the bar has to function well and provide both standard and innovative drinks to suit a wide range of customers tastes. Central to excellent product is well designed, stylish cooling technology, we supply a huge range of bottle coolers, glass frosters and freezers to suit every need, from standard black to custom finishes there is a cooler for every bar.
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Ice is often overlooked when a bar is designed, not just from how much is required but also from where the ice machine will be located, what type of ice it makes and how much ice is needed. The type of ice is very important, this can include the size and shape, but also how hard the ice is affecting how quickly drinks will be diluted. KCM can advise and assist in the selection of ice machines that will be suited to the drinks being offered, the type of bar and your budget. Getting the ice right can really affect the quality of drinks and getting that great reputation and keeping customers coming back.

First impressions start with your glassware, you spend a lot of time and money getting the glassware just right for your business, you need to keep it that way. KCM can offer expert advice on getting the glass wash process just right, from the type of washer to the volumes of glasses and ensuring that they are all perfectly clean. We offer basic solutions right through to washers complete with reverse osmosis technology to keep that perfect sparking finish with minimal effort.

Using our vast experience, we provide a catering equipment and installation consultancy solution to assist with every aspect of your project from initial concept through to completion.

Struggling with ideas? Our experienced team can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring your project to life.

We have years of planning of service to ensure that your project achieves the optimum results.

We offer a full design service for all commercial catering projects. Our expert design team provide your project with a wide set of skills to ensure that it is designed around your requirements.

Our team possess excellent project management skills to ensure that your project is on schedule to give you peace of mind throughout your time with us.

We guide you through every aspect of installation, a dedicated team closely work with your company to ensure the process runs smoothly.

From start to finish, our team supports and guides you throughout the whole process.

We can assist with maintenance and service to ensure your catering equipment and installation is kept in optimal condition to prevent any costly repairs.

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